Final 2016

Listening #1 (True or False)

Listening #2 (Write a response to the question)

Audio and voice recording >>
Listening # 3 (Answer comprehension questions based on the story the you hear)

chicken bus world record:

La Guerra Civil:

The spear of destiny
Rick Steves: Basque country:

100 interesting facts about the world

Here are the pages to use in the Green book for the art assignment:

84, 85, 94, 95, 78

Classwork for Wednesday, February 11, 2015

1. Go to Quizlet and practice vocabulary for gustos y disgustos: likes and dislikes:

Review the flashcards. If you have headphones listen to the pronunciation. Play "scatter" and "space race", Then practice with the "speller activity". Once you have done each of these activities, take the "test". Continue retaking the "test" until you get a 100%. DO NOT PRINT YOUR TEST!

QUIZLET: Likes and Dislikes

Next, Complete the webquest on the AZTECS. (Fill in the answers on the paper handout)

Use the links below to answer the questions on the guided activity sheet.

1. Go here to find out what the LANGUAGE of the Aztecs was called (Once you find it, you don't have to read the rest of the article)
2.What is the correct spelling of the major city of the Aztec Empire?
3. What has been built on TOP of some of the Aztec temples? (You have to go all the way down to the last paragraph of this page to find the answer)
4. What is Ullamatlitli? What is this a picture of ? What are the basic rules of this Aztec game?

Go HERE to find the answers to these above questions.
5. What did the Aztecs provide to ALL members of their culture that most societies did NOT yet do?
Go HERE to find out about "Growing up Aztec"
6. Why did the Nomadic Aztec tribe end up in a Lake?
7. Who is Quetzchoatl?
What is the relationship between Quezetcoatl and Cortes? (Same website as above # 7 but scroll down about halfway until you see Cortes)
Watch this video:

Now, put in your headphones, and practice listening!

Spanish listening: que animales te gustan?


Here is the power point for the practice lesson from Monday, Nov. 17:

Here is the link to the day of the Dead pages:

Bienvenidos al sitio de web de Señora Goggin. Welcome to Mrs. Goggins websight (wiki space).

Here you will find a BUNCH of ways to practice Spanish. Also, on the right, There is a page called "Agendas". On this page will be the daily/weekly agendas. If you are absent or you missed some notes, you can find them there.

Movie talk: Just for laughs Gags

more movie talk for laughs:

YABLA: estados animos simple phrases of emotions

For lunes, 29 de septiembre: Practice animal vocabulary with the "Drag 'n Drop " activity below. spend no more than 10 minutes on this match-up game. Then practice vocabulary on Quizlet. Spend no more than 20 minutes on Quizlet. Then watch the video below the Quizlet activity... .Top 10 superbowl animal comercials. Write at least 10 sentences about what you see in the video.

Watch this video and write ask many sentences - in Spanish- about what you see!

Spanish 3 Course outline:

blubbr flamenco

viajes el cortes ingles

Practice on the Realidades website:
Vocabulary practice 1
Vocabulary practice 2
Subjunctive practice
Choose one or all of the below:
crossword puzzle
word jumble
word search

A Dios Le Pido

A dios Le Pido - Accapela

Here are some QUIZLET activities to do. This first one is the vocabulary from Realidades 2, chapter 8A- all about the airport and taking a trip. The second one is grammar practice of the subjunctive. You can also go to conjuguemos to practice conjugating verbs in the subjunctive tense.

planear un viaje

mi cuento infantil: un viaja a Espana

Rubric for children's story:rubistar

1. First, go to conjuguemos and create a user account. You need this number for the schoo ID: 75181

Create a user acount that is your fist name and capital last initial. Mine would be: lindaG. The President's would be barackO. Use a password that is easy to remember. sign up for my account

Once you have created a username and password, you will be directed to a page tha says, "select your settings". Choose Plymouth North High School (if it's not already showing), and thenin the "choose a teacher" sectionclick on to my name. Next "choose a class" choose period E.

2. Here's a fun place to create a weird Picasso-like drawing. mrpicassohead Watch out! This activity can be addictive!! Check out my masterpieces: my artist name is lindisima. After you create a picasso-head, copy and paste link to your masterpiece on your page on students wiki, so I can check out YOUR artwork!

Miren al video"

Un practica de esuchar: un viaje en avion: proficiency exercises

La fiesta de San Fermin: la corrida de toros:

Computer lab: Friday, February 8th, 2013: Go to the following links and practice numbers 2 and 5. (you can do them all but be sure to practice 2 and 5)

Bowdoin College practice the preterit and un viaje

Your next mission is to create an account on, Your user ID should be your first name and last name initial. If you have time, create a voice thread and upload to your page. We will use this site to practice speaking spanish, so please use some Spanish (maybe ask a question) when creating your voicethread.

Once you have made a user name in, create a voice thread and then copy and upload the LINK of your voice thread to your PAGE on this wikispace

¿Quieres Taco Bell? Taco Bell - Puerto Rico

¿Qué le gustan de Madrid los jugadores deReal Madrid F.C.? Miren el video:

¿Y.. los jugadores de basquétbol?

Y un cocinero.. ¿qué peinsa él?

La casa de azulejos:

¿Cuál es la madre del ritmo?